Coming Home

1h 27m
  • Я вернусь
  • 24-10-2019
  • Drama
  • Darya Shumakova
  • 0 votes

Story of one armenian family. Father comes back from the war, but his little son can't get used to have another mature man in their family. A huge psychological conflict takes place in little boy's mind, wich forces him to leave his home. It will help him to descover himself as a child and understand his feelings and thoughts.


  • Image Benik Arakelyan
    Benik Arakelyan
  • Image Eduard Arakelyan
    Eduard Arakelyan
  • Image Frunz Amirkhanyan
    Frunz Amirkhanyan
  • Image Marjan Avetisyan
    Marjan Avetisyan
  • Image Nerses Avetisyan
    Nerses Avetisyan
  • Image Tatev Grigoryan
    Tatev Grigoryan
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