Crank: High Voltage

1h 36m

Chelios faces a Chinese mobster who has stolen his nearly indestructible heart and replaced it with a battery-powered ticker that requires regular jolts of electricity to keep working.


  • Image Alan Mueting
    Alan Mueting
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    Alexandre Chen
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    Amy Smart
  • Image Anne Girard
    Anne Girard
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    Art Hsu
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    Atticus Todd
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    Bai Ling
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    Bibiana Navas
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    Billy Gillespie
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    Brandon Trost
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    C. Frederick Secrease
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    Chad Damiani
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    Cherinda Kincherlow
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    Chester Bennington
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    Christine Q. Nguyen
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    Clifton Collins Jr.
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    Corey Haim
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    Dan Callahan
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    Danna Hansen
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    Danny Lohner
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    Darryl Chan
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    David Baptiste
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    David Carradine
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    David Dooyun Kim
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    David Rolas
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    David Rubin
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    Dwight Yoakam
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    Ed Powers
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    Efren Ramirez
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    Eidan Hanzei
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    Erin Micklow
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    Galen Yuen
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    Geri Halliwell
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    Glenn Howerton
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    Hannah Landberg
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    Ho-Kwan Tse
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    Holly Weber
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    Jai Stefan
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    Jamie Harris
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    Janna VanHeertum
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    Jason Statham
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    Jason Trost
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    Jay Xcala
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    Jen Halperin
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    Jenna Haze
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    Jimmy Ortega
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    John de Lancie
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    Jose Pablo Cantillo
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    Joseph D. Reitman
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    Joseph Julian Soria
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    Josiah D. Lee
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    Julanne Chidi Hill
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    Kate Mulligan
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    Keith Jardine
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    Keone Young
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    Kurly Tlapoyawa
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    Larry Eudene
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    Larry Goldstein
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    Lauren Holly
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    Leo Ibanez
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    Lexington Steele
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    Lloyd Kaufman
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    Mandy Amano
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    Marisa DeVonish
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    Maynard James Keenan
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    Menina Fortunato
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    Michael Weston
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    Monique Alexander
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    Najja Meeks
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    Nick Dash
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    Nick Manning
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    Nicole Randall
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    Patrick Bautista
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    Peter Mark
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    Peter Vasquez
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    Portis Hershey
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    Raven Lexy
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    Reid Harper
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    Reno Wilson
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    Rosa Lee
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    Rossie Cottrell
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    Sabrina Diaz
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    Samuel Hubinette
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    Setu Taase
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    Sharlene Grover
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    Shirley To
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    Shu Lan Tuan
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    Simone Bargetze
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    Sorana Black
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    Tom Roach
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    Toni Fox
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    Tony Flores
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    Tricia Trotter
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    William Brent
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    Yeva-Genevieve Lavlinski
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