1h 53m

CIA Agent Bill Pope is on a mission to track down a shadowy hacker named 'The Dutchman'. When he gets mysteriously killed, an experimental procedure transfers his memories into a dangerous ex-convict. When he wakes up Pope's memories, his mission is to eliminate The Dutchman before the hacker launches ICBMs and starts World War III.


  • Image Alice Eve
    Alice Eve
  • Image Amaury Nolasco
    Amaury Nolasco
  • Image Amina Zia
    Amina Zia
  • Image Anastasia Harrold
    Anastasia Harrold
  • Image Andrew Byron
    Andrew Byron
  • Image Antje Traue
    Antje Traue
  • Image Colin Salmon
    Colin Salmon
  • Image Daniel Westwood
    Daniel Westwood
  • Image Danny Webb
    Danny Webb
  • Image David Avery
    David Avery
  • Image Diana Dimitrovici
    Diana Dimitrovici
  • Image Doug Cockle
    Doug Cockle
  • Image Dragos Savulescu
    Dragos Savulescu
  • Image Elizabeth Ross
    Elizabeth Ross
  • Image Emmanuel Imani
    Emmanuel Imani
  • Image Freddy Bosche
    Freddy Bosche
  • Image Gal Gadot
    Gal Gadot
  • Image Gary Oldman
    Gary Oldman
  • Image Gisella Marengo
    Gisella Marengo
  • Image Harry Hepple
    Harry Hepple
  • Image Henry Garrett
    Henry Garrett
  • Image Ian Burfield
    Ian Burfield
  • Image James Richard Marshall
    James Richard Marshall
  • Image Jamie B. Chambers
    Jamie B. Chambers
  • Image Joanna Brookes
    Joanna Brookes
  • Image Joe Fidler
    Joe Fidler
  • Image Jordi MollĂ 
    Jordi MollĂ 
  • Image Joshua James
    Joshua James
  • Image Katharine Gwen
    Katharine Gwen
  • Image Kelly Clare
    Kelly Clare
  • Image Kevin Costner
    Kevin Costner
  • Image Lara Decaro
    Lara Decaro
  • Image Lotte Spring Rice
    Lotte Spring Rice
  • Image Louis Tamone
    Louis Tamone
  • Image Luca Giorgio Maggiora
    Luca Giorgio Maggiora
  • Image Mark Kempner
    Mark Kempner
  • Image Mark Rhino Smith
    Mark Rhino Smith
  • Image Mark Underwood
    Mark Underwood
  • Image Matthew Steer
    Matthew Steer
  • Image Michael Bodie
    Michael Bodie
  • Image Michael Chapman
    Michael Chapman
  • Image Michael Pitt
    Michael Pitt
  • Image Michael Webber
    Michael Webber
  • Image Natalie Burn
    Natalie Burn
  • Image Natalie Marie Ames
    Natalie Marie Ames
  • Image Nathan Osgood
    Nathan Osgood
  • Image Piers Morgan
    Piers Morgan
  • Image Priyanga Burford
    Priyanga Burford
  • Image Richard Reid
    Richard Reid
  • Image Rio Fredrika Debolla
    Rio Fredrika Debolla
  • Image Ryan Reynolds
    Ryan Reynolds
  • Image Samantha Coughlan
    Samantha Coughlan
  • Image Samuel Turner O'Toole
    Samuel Turner O'Toole
  • Image Sarah Middleton
    Sarah Middleton
  • Image Scott Adkins
    Scott Adkins
  • Image Sope Dirisu
    Sope Dirisu
  • Image Sophie Ross
    Sophie Ross
  • Image Steve Nicolson
    Steve Nicolson
  • Image Steven Brand
    Steven Brand
  • Image Tamer Doghem
    Tamer Doghem
  • Image Tim Woodward
    Tim Woodward
  • Image Tommy Lee Jones
    Tommy Lee Jones
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