Crows Explode

2h 9m

A month after Genji Takiya graduates, a new battle for supremacy at Suzuran All-Boys High School begins. Transfer student Kaburagi Kazeo combats Kagami Ryohei for the coveted top spot, amidst a brewing inter-school conflict with Kurosaki Industrial High.


  • Image Elly
  • Image Joey Iwanaga
    Joey Iwanaga
  • Image Kento Nagayama
    Kento Nagayama
  • Image Kenzō Maihara
    Kenzō Maihara
  • Image Kyôsuke Yabe
    Kyôsuke Yabe
  • Image Masahiro Higashide
    Masahiro Higashide
  • Image Motoki Fukami
    Motoki Fukami
  • Image Ryo Katsuji
    Ryo Katsuji
  • Image Ryusuke Ito
    Ryusuke Ito
  • Image Suzu Hirose
    Suzu Hirose
  • Image Taichi Saotome
    Taichi Saotome
  • Image Takanori Iwata
    Takanori Iwata
  • Image Tsutomu Takahashi
    Tsutomu Takahashi
  • Image Yuya Yagira
    Yuya Yagira
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