Dark Waters

2h 7m

A tenacious attorney uncovers a dark secret that connects a growing number of unexplained deaths to one of the world's largest corporations. In the process, he risks everything — his future, his family, and his own life — to expose the truth.


  • Image Abi Van Andel
    Abi Van Andel
  • Image Aidan Brogan
    Aidan Brogan
  • Image Al Harland
    Al Harland
  • Image Amy Morse
    Amy Morse
  • Image Amy Warner
    Amy Warner
  • Image Angel Kerns
    Angel Kerns
  • Image Anita Farmer Bergman
    Anita Farmer Bergman
  • Image Anne Hathaway
    Anne Hathaway
  • Image Annie Fitzpatrick
    Annie Fitzpatrick
  • Image Barbara Ann Crumm
    Barbara Ann Crumm
  • Image Barry G. Bernson
    Barry G. Bernson
  • Image Barry Mulholland
    Barry Mulholland
  • Image Beau Hartwig
    Beau Hartwig
  • Image Bella Falcone
    Bella Falcone
  • Image Bill Camp
    Bill Camp
  • Image Bill Pullman
    Bill Pullman
  • Image Bret Aaron Knower
    Bret Aaron Knower
  • Image Brian Gallagher
    Brian Gallagher
  • Image Brian Robertson
    Brian Robertson
  • Image Bruce Cromer
    Bruce Cromer
  • Image Buz Davis
    Buz Davis
  • Image Caleb Dwayne Tucker
    Caleb Dwayne Tucker
  • Image Carly Tamborski
    Carly Tamborski
  • Image Catch Farley
    Catch Farley
  • Image Chaney Morrow
    Chaney Morrow
  • Image Clara Harris
    Clara Harris
  • Image Clyde Tyrone Harper
    Clyde Tyrone Harper
  • Image Conner P. Kelley
    Conner P. Kelley
  • Image Courtney DeCosky
    Courtney DeCosky
  • Image Daniel R. Hill
    Daniel R. Hill
  • Image David Fultz
    David Fultz
  • Image David Myers Gregory
    David Myers Gregory
  • Image David Pittinger
    David Pittinger
  • Image Denise Barone
    Denise Barone
  • Image Denise Dal Vera
    Denise Dal Vera
  • Image Dennis Craig Hensley
    Dennis Craig Hensley
  • Image Derek Polen
    Derek Polen
  • Image Elizabeth Marvel
    Elizabeth Marvel
  • Image Gary Maloney
    Gary Maloney
  • Image Geoff Falk
    Geoff Falk
  • Image George W. Ellerman
    George W. Ellerman
  • Image George Zamary
    George Zamary
  • Image Glen Yrigoyen
    Glen Yrigoyen
  • Image Graham Caldwell
    Graham Caldwell
  • Image Greg Violand
    Greg Violand
  • Image Ian Short
    Ian Short
  • Image Jacob Bukowski
    Jacob Bukowski
  • Image Jason M. Griggs
    Jason M. Griggs
  • Image Jeffrey Grover
    Jeffrey Grover
  • Image Jennie Malone
    Jennie Malone
  • Image Jim Azelvandre
    Jim Azelvandre
  • Image Jim Laprelle
    Jim Laprelle
  • Image Joanne Popolin
    Joanne Popolin
  • Image John Moll
    John Moll
  • Image John Newberg
    John Newberg
  • Image John W. Harden
    John W. Harden
  • Image Jon Osbeck
    Jon Osbeck
  • Image Karen Koester
    Karen Koester
  • Image Kathleen Ellerman
    Kathleen Ellerman
  • Image Keating P. Sharp
    Keating P. Sharp
  • Image Kelly Mengelkoch
    Kelly Mengelkoch
  • Image Ken Early
    Ken Early
  • Image Kevin Crowley
    Kevin Crowley
  • Image Kurt Roberson
    Kurt Roberson
  • Image Kyndra Jefferies
    Kyndra Jefferies
  • Image Lea Hutton Beasmore
    Lea Hutton Beasmore
  • Image Linnea Bond
    Linnea Bond
  • Image Lisa DeRoberts
    Lisa DeRoberts
  • Image Logan Laskarzewski
    Logan Laskarzewski
  • Image Louisa Krause
    Louisa Krause
  • Image Lyman Chen
    Lyman Chen
  • Image Manuel Venegas Zepeda
    Manuel Venegas Zepeda
  • Image Marc Hockl
    Marc Hockl
  • Image Marcia Dangerfield
    Marcia Dangerfield
  • Image Mare Winningham
    Mare Winningham
  • Image Mark Falvo
    Mark Falvo
  • Image Mark Ruffalo
    Mark Ruffalo
  • Image Matt Hudson
    Matt Hudson
  • Image Michael Haney
    Michael Haney
  • Image Michael Joseph Thomas Ward
    Michael Joseph Thomas Ward
  • Image Michael King
    Michael King
  • Image Mike Seely
    Mike Seely
  • Image Mikel Furlow
    Mikel Furlow
  • Image Ming Wang
    Ming Wang
  • Image Nathan Neorr
    Nathan Neorr
  • Image Nathan Slaughter
    Nathan Slaughter
  • Image Phil Fiorini
    Phil Fiorini
  • Image Ramona Schwalbach
    Ramona Schwalbach
  • Image Richard Doone
    Richard Doone
  • Image Richard Hagerman
    Richard Hagerman
  • Image Robert Gerding
    Robert Gerding
  • Image Rodger Masten
    Rodger Masten
  • Image Ronald Jenkins
    Ronald Jenkins
  • Image Sammy Geroulis
    Sammy Geroulis
  • Image Sara Mackie
    Sara Mackie
  • Image Scarlett Hicks
    Scarlett Hicks
  • Image Sheryl Annette Colley
    Sheryl Annette Colley
  • Image Shyra Thomas
    Shyra Thomas
  • Image Steven Schraub
    Steven Schraub
  • Image Steven Terry Walker
    Steven Terry Walker
  • Image Sue Hopkins
    Sue Hopkins
  • Image Sydney Miles
    Sydney Miles
  • Image Teri Clark
    Teri Clark
  • Image Tim Robbins
    Tim Robbins
  • Image Todd Minobe
    Todd Minobe
  • Image Trent Rowland
    Trent Rowland
  • Image Trenton Hudson
    Trenton Hudson
  • Image Tyler Craig
    Tyler Craig
  • Image Victor Garber
    Victor Garber
  • Image William
    William "Bucky" Bailey
  • Image William Cross
    William Cross
  • Image William Jackson Harper
    William Jackson Harper
  • Image Wynn Reichert
    Wynn Reichert
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