1h 39m

A collection of 24 films that take a look at the dark side of the festive season. 24 international directors with the most diverse ideas and styles; linked by short animated segments that deal with the Advent calendar itself.


  • Image AJ Bowen
    AJ Bowen
  • Image Aza Declercq
    Aza Declercq
  • Image Barbara Crampton
    Barbara Crampton
  • Image Barbara Magnolfi
    Barbara Magnolfi
  • Image Barkley Harper
    Barkley Harper
  • Image Bronson Haaga
    Bronson Haaga
  • Image David Brückner
    David Brückner
  • Image Detlef Bothe
    Detlef Bothe
  • Image Eric Podnar
    Eric Podnar
  • Image Haydée Lysander
    Haydée Lysander
  • Image Jeffrey Reddick
    Jeffrey Reddick
  • Image Kue Lawrence
    Kue Lawrence
  • Image Marie Nasemann
    Marie Nasemann
  • Image Mathias Van Mieghem
    Mathias Van Mieghem
  • Image Max Haaga
    Max Haaga
  • Image Pablo Guisa Koestinger
    Pablo Guisa Koestinger
  • Image Patrick Dewayne
    Patrick Dewayne
  • Image Peter Kotthaus
    Peter Kotthaus
  • Image Peter Stickles
    Peter Stickles
  • Image Pollyanna McIntosh
    Pollyanna McIntosh
  • Image Ryan Fisher
    Ryan Fisher
  • Image Sam Eidson
    Sam Eidson
  • Image Tiffany Shepis
    Tiffany Shepis
  • Image Victor Peeters
    Victor Peeters
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