Defending Your Life

1h 52m

In an afterlife resembling the present-day US, people must prove their worth by showing in court how they have demonstrated courage.


  • Image Albert Brooks
    Albert Brooks
  • Image Alex Sheafe
    Alex Sheafe
  • Image Buck Henry
    Buck Henry
  • Image Ethan Embry
    Ethan Embry
  • Image George Wallace
    George Wallace
  • Image Hal Landon Jr.
    Hal Landon Jr.
  • Image James Eckhouse
    James Eckhouse
  • Image Lee Grant
    Lee Grant
  • Image Lillian Lehman
    Lillian Lehman
  • Image Mary Pat Gleason
    Mary Pat Gleason
  • Image Maxine Elliott Hicks
    Maxine Elliott Hicks
  • Image Meryl Streep
    Meryl Streep
  • Image Michael Durrell
    Michael Durrell
  • Image Noley Thornton
    Noley Thornton
  • Image Rip Torn
    Rip Torn
  • Image Roger Behr
    Roger Behr
  • Image S. Scott Bullock
    S. Scott Bullock
  • Image Shirley MacLaine
    Shirley MacLaine
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