2h 10m
  • おくりびと
  • 13-09-2008
  • Drama
  • Yojiro Takita
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Daigo, a cellist, is laid off from his orchestra and moves with his wife back to his small hometown where the living is cheaper. Thinking he’s applying for a job at a travel agency he finds he’s being interviewed for work with departures of a more permanent nature – as an undertaker’s assistant.


  • Image Kazuko Yoshiyuki
    Kazuko Yoshiyuki
  • Image Kimiko Yo
    Kimiko Yo
  • Image Masahiro Motoki
    Masahiro Motoki
  • Image Ryoko Hirosue
    Ryoko Hirosue
  • Image Takashi Sasano
    Takashi Sasano
  • Image Tsutomu Yamazaki
    Tsutomu Yamazaki
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