Doctor Dolittle

1h 25m

A successful physician and devoted family man, John Dolittle seems to have the world by the tail, until a long suppressed talent he possessed as a child, the ability to communicate with animals is suddenly reawakened with a vengeance! Now every creature within squawking distance wants the good doctor's advice, unleashing an outrageous chain of events that turns his world upside down!


  • Image Albert Brooks
    Albert Brooks
  • Image Archie Hahn
    Archie Hahn
  • Image Arnold F. Turner
    Arnold F. Turner
  • Image Beth Grant
    Beth Grant
  • Image Brian Doyle-Murray
    Brian Doyle-Murray
  • Image Brian Kwan
    Brian Kwan
  • Image Chad Einbinder
    Chad Einbinder
  • Image Charles Branklyn
    Charles Branklyn
  • Image Cherie Franklin
    Cherie Franklin
  • Image Chris Rock
    Chris Rock
  • Image Cliff McLaughlin
    Cliff McLaughlin
  • Image Dari Gerard Smith
    Dari Gerard Smith
  • Image Don Calfa
    Don Calfa
  • Image Douglas Shamburger
    Douglas Shamburger
  • Image Eddie Frierson
    Eddie Frierson
  • Image Eddie Murphy
    Eddie Murphy
  • Image Ellen DeGeneres
    Ellen DeGeneres
  • Image Erik Dellums
    Erik Dellums
  • Image Garry Shandling
    Garry Shandling
  • Image Gilbert Gottfried
    Gilbert Gottfried
  • Image Hamilton Camp
    Hamilton Camp
  • Image James F. Dean
    James F. Dean
  • Image Jeff Doucette
    Jeff Doucette
  • Image Jeffrey Tambor
    Jeffrey Tambor
  • Image Jenna Elfman
    Jenna Elfman
  • Image John Lafayette
    John Lafayette
  • Image John Leguizamo
    John Leguizamo
  • Image Jonathan Lipnicki
    Jonathan Lipnicki
  • Image Julie Kavner
    Julie Kavner
  • Image June Christopher
    June Christopher
  • Image Karl T. Wright
    Karl T. Wright
  • Image Kay Yamamoto
    Kay Yamamoto
  • Image Kellye Nakahara
    Kellye Nakahara
  • Image Kerrigan Mahan
    Kerrigan Mahan
  • Image Kristen Wilson
    Kristen Wilson
  • Image Kyla Pratt
    Kyla Pratt
  • Image L. Peter Callender
    L. Peter Callender
  • Image Mark Adair-Rios
    Mark Adair-Rios
  • Image Ming Lo
    Ming Lo
  • Image Norm Macdonald
    Norm Macdonald
  • Image Oliver Platt
    Oliver Platt
  • Image Ossie Davis
    Ossie Davis
  • Image Paul Reubens
    Paul Reubens
  • Image Peter Boyle
    Peter Boyle
  • Image Phil Proctor
    Phil Proctor
  • Image Phyllis Katz
    Phyllis Katz
  • Image Raven-SymonĂ©
  • Image Raymond Matthew Mason
    Raymond Matthew Mason
  • Image Reni Santoni
    Reni Santoni
  • Image Richard Penn
    Richard Penn
  • Image Richard Schiff
    Richard Schiff
  • Image Royce D. Applegate
    Royce D. Applegate
  • Image Stan Sellers
    Stan Sellers
  • Image Steven Gilborn
    Steven Gilborn
  • Image Tom Towles
    Tom Towles
  • Image Yule Caise
    Yule Caise
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