Don’t Look Now: We’re Being Shot At

2h 12m

During World War II, two French civilians and a downed British Bomber Crew set out from Paris to cross the demarcation line between Nazi-occupied Northern France and the South. From there they will be able to escape to England. First, they must avoid German troops - and the consequences of their own blunders.


  • Image Alice Field
    Alice Field
  • Image Andréa Parisy
    Andréa Parisy
  • Image Anne Berger
    Anne Berger
  • Image Benno Sterzenbach
    Benno Sterzenbach
  • Image Bourvil
  • Image Catherine Marshall
    Catherine Marshall
  • Image Charly Constant
    Charly Constant
  • Image Christian Brocard
    Christian Brocard
  • Image Claude Salez
    Claude Salez
  • Image Claudio Brook
    Claudio Brook
  • Image Clément Michu
    Clément Michu
  • Image Colette Brosset
    Colette Brosset
  • Image Danièle Thompson
    Danièle Thompson
  • Image Fred Fischer
    Fred Fischer
  • Image Gabriel Gobin
    Gabriel Gobin
  • Image George Birt
    George Birt
  • Image Georges Atlas
    Georges Atlas
  • Image Guy Bonnafoux
    Guy Bonnafoux
  • Image Guy Grosso
    Guy Grosso
  • Image H. Faupel
    H. Faupel
  • Image Hans Meyer
    Hans Meyer
  • Image Helmuth Schneider
    Helmuth Schneider
  • Image Henri Génès
    Henri Génès
  • Image Horst Miessner
    Horst Miessner
  • Image Jacques Bodoin
    Jacques Bodoin
  • Image Jacques Sablon
    Jacques Sablon
  • Image Jean Droze
    Jean Droze
  • Image Jean Minisini
    Jean Minisini
  • Image Jean-Pierre Posier
    Jean-Pierre Posier
  • Image Jerry Brouer
    Jerry Brouer
  • Image Joachim Westhoff
    Joachim Westhoff
  • Image Konrad Von Bork
    Konrad Von Bork
  • Image Louis de Funès
    Louis de Funès
  • Image Mag-Avril
  • Image Marie Dubois
    Marie Dubois
  • Image Mary Marquet
    Mary Marquet
  • Image Michel Modo
    Michel Modo
  • Image Mike Marshall
    Mike Marshall
  • Image Nicolas Bang
    Nicolas Bang
  • Image Noël Darzal
    Noël Darzal
  • Image P. Stutz
    P. Stutz
  • Image Paul Mercey
    Paul Mercey
  • Image Paul Préboist
    Paul Préboist
  • Image Percival Russel
    Percival Russel
  • Image Peter Jacob
    Peter Jacob
  • Image Pierre Bastien
    Pierre Bastien
  • Image Pierre Bertin
    Pierre Bertin
  • Image Pierre Roussel
    Pierre Roussel
  • Image Raymond Pierson
    Raymond Pierson
  • Image Reinhard Kolldehoff
    Reinhard Kolldehoff
  • Image Rémy Julienne
    Rémy Julienne
  • Image Rudy Lenoir
    Rudy Lenoir
  • Image Sacha Tarride
    Sacha Tarride
  • Image Sieghardt Rupp
    Sieghardt Rupp
  • Image Terry-Thomas
  • Image Tony Rödel
    Tony Rödel
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