1h 48m

The lethal Reaper virus spreads throughout Britain—infecting millions and killing hundreds of thousands. Authorities brutally and successfully quarantine the country but, three decades later, the virus resurfaces in a major city. An elite group of specialists is urgently dispatched into the still-quarantined country to retrieve a cure by any means necessary. Shut off from the rest of the world, the unit must battle through a landscape that has become a waking nightmare.


  • Image Adeola Ariyo
    Adeola Ariyo
  • Image Adrian Lester
    Adrian Lester
  • Image Alessia Ramazzotti
    Alessia Ramazzotti
  • Image Alexander Siddig
    Alexander Siddig
  • Image Amy Barnes
    Amy Barnes
  • Image Axelle Carolyn
    Axelle Carolyn
  • Image Az Abrahams
    Az Abrahams
  • Image Benedict Carver
    Benedict Carver
  • Image Bob Hoskins
    Bob Hoskins
  • Image Cal Macaninch
    Cal Macaninch
  • Image Caryn Peterson
    Caryn Peterson
  • Image Cecil Carter
    Cecil Carter
  • Image Chris Robson
    Chris Robson
  • Image Chris Wilson
    Chris Wilson
  • Image Christine Tomlinson
    Christine Tomlinson
  • Image Cokey Falkow
    Cokey Falkow
  • Image Craig Conway
    Craig Conway
  • Image D-Teflon
  • Image Daniel Read
    Daniel Read
  • Image Darren Morfitt
    Darren Morfitt
  • Image David O'Hara
    David O'Hara
  • Image Dermot Brogan
    Dermot Brogan
  • Image Eloise Cupido
    Eloise Cupido
  • Image Emma Cleasby
    Emma Cleasby
  • Image Garry George
    Garry George
  • Image George Bailey
    George Bailey
  • Image Henie Bosman
    Henie Bosman
  • Image Jason Cope
    Jason Cope
  • Image Jeremy Crutchley
    Jeremy Crutchley
  • Image John Carson
    John Carson
  • Image Karl Thaning
    Karl Thaning
  • Image Kate-Lynn Hocking
    Kate-Lynn Hocking
  • Image Lee-Anne Liebenberg
    Lee-Anne Liebenberg
  • Image Leslie Simpson
    Leslie Simpson
  • Image Lily Anderson
    Lily Anderson
  • Image Malcolm McDowell
    Malcolm McDowell
  • Image Martin Ball
    Martin Ball
  • Image Martin Compston
    Martin Compston
  • Image MyAnna Buring
    MyAnna Buring
  • Image Nathalie Boltt
    Nathalie Boltt
  • Image Nathan Wheatley
    Nathan Wheatley
  • Image Nicholas Pauling
    Nicholas Pauling
  • Image Nora-Jane Noone
    Nora-Jane Noone
  • Image Paul Hyett
    Paul Hyett
  • Image Porteus Xandau
    Porteus Xandau
  • Image Rhona Mitra
    Rhona Mitra
  • Image Riaz Solker
    Riaz Solker
  • Image Rick Warden
    Rick Warden
  • Image Ryan Kruger
    Ryan Kruger
  • Image Sean Pertwee
    Sean Pertwee
  • Image Shaamilla Noordien
    Shaamilla Noordien
  • Image Stephen Hughes
    Stephen Hughes
  • Image Susan Danford
    Susan Danford
  • Image Tom Fairfoot
    Tom Fairfoot
  • Image Tyrell Kemlo
    Tyrell Kemlo
  • Image Vernon Willemse
    Vernon Willemse
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