Image Dorohedoro



The story revolves around Kaiman, who does not remember who he was before he was transfigured by a Magic user. This transformation left him with a reptile's head, and a desire to find out the truth about who he really is. Accompanied by Nikaido, his female companion, he tracks down Magic Users in "The Hole" and unceremoniously chomps down on their head, hoping to find out who it was that put him in this state. One by one, they witness this "second man" inside the head of Kaiman, and after pulling them back out of his mouth he asks them all a question... "What did the guy inside my head say?"

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  • Image Anri Katsu
    Anri Katsu
  • Image Hisao Egawa
    Hisao Egawa
  • Image Hozumi Gouda
    Hozumi Gouda
  • Image Ken'yuu Horiuchi
    Ken'yuu Horiuchi
  • Image Kengo Takanashi
    Kengo Takanashi
  • Image Mayu Udono
    Mayu Udono
  • Image Mitsuhiro Ichiki
    Mitsuhiro Ichiki
  • Image Miyu Tomita
    Miyu Tomita
  • Image Miyuri Shimabukuro
    Miyuri Shimabukuro
  • Image Reina Kondou
    Reina Kondou
  • Image Ryohei Kimura
    Ryohei Kimura
  • Image Shigeru Chiba
    Shigeru Chiba
  • Image Shin-ichiro Miki
    Shin-ichiro Miki
  • Image Songdo
  • Image Takehito Koyasu
    Takehito Koyasu
  • Image Takuma Terashima
    Takuma Terashima
  • Image Tetsu Inada
    Tetsu Inada
  • Image Tooru Nara
    Tooru Nara
  • Image Wataru Takagi
    Wataru Takagi
  • Image Yoshimasa Hosoya
    Yoshimasa Hosoya
  • Image Yu Kobayashi
    Yu Kobayashi
  • Image Yûki Kaji
    Yûki Kaji
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