Down Periscope

1h 32m

Bumbling Navy lieutenant Tom Dodge has been given one last chance to clean up his record. But Admiral Graham, his nemesis, assigns Dodge to the Stingray, a submarine that can barely keep afloat. To add insult to injury, the Stingray is to be the enemy flagship in the upcoming war games … and to make matters even worse, Dodge's crew is a band of idiots even more incompetent that he is!


  • Image Ancel Cook
    Ancel Cook
  • Image Andrew Christian English
    Andrew Christian English
  • Image Annie Talbot
    Annie Talbot
  • Image Bob Dini
    Bob Dini
  • Image Bradford Tatum
    Bradford Tatum
  • Image Brandon Ladd Burkey
    Brandon Ladd Burkey
  • Image Bruce Dern
    Bruce Dern
  • Image Bruce Holman
    Bruce Holman
  • Image Dennis Fimple
    Dennis Fimple
  • Image Duane Martin
    Duane Martin
  • Image Elliot Easton
    Elliot Easton
  • Image Felipe Rose
    Felipe Rose
  • Image Gabrielle Wagner
    Gabrielle Wagner
  • Image Gary Vinant-Tang
    Gary Vinant-Tang
  • Image Harland Williams
    Harland Williams
  • Image Harry Dean Stanton
    Harry Dean Stanton
  • Image Jackson Sleet
    Jackson Sleet
  • Image James Eric Anzalone
    James Eric Anzalone
  • Image James Harper
    James Harper
  • Image James Martin Jr.
    James Martin Jr.
  • Image Jamie James
    Jamie James
  • Image Joe Soto
    Joe Soto
  • Image John Shepherd
    John Shepherd
  • Image Jonathan Penner
    Jonathan Penner
  • Image Jordan Marder
    Jordan Marder
  • Image Joseph Keawkalaya
    Joseph Keawkalaya
  • Image Joseph Latimore
    Joseph Latimore
  • Image Kelsey Grammer
    Kelsey Grammer
  • Image Ken Hudson Campbell
    Ken Hudson Campbell
  • Image Lauren Holly
    Lauren Holly
  • Image Matt Landers
    Matt Landers
  • Image Michael Connors
    Michael Connors
  • Image Michael Koster
    Michael Koster
  • Image Mitchell R. Danton
    Mitchell R. Danton
  • Image Patton Oswalt
    Patton Oswalt
  • Image Paul Tranghese
    Paul Tranghese
  • Image Pierrino Mascarino
    Pierrino Mascarino
  • Image Rip Torn
    Rip Torn
  • Image Rob Schneider
    Rob Schneider
  • Image Rudy Hornish
    Rudy Hornish
  • Image Theodore Carl Soderberg
    Theodore Carl Soderberg
  • Image Timothy D. Rossi
    Timothy D. Rossi
  • Image Tirralan Watkins
    Tirralan Watkins
  • Image Toby Huss
    Toby Huss
  • Image Todd Odom
    Todd Odom
  • Image Tommy Terrell
    Tommy Terrell
  • Image William H. Macy
    William H. Macy
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