Drunken Angel

1h 38m
  • 酔いどれ天使
  • 27-04-1948
  • Drama
  • Akira Kurosawa
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The chaotic worlds of the Yakuza and an alcoholic doctor collide in this film noir classic from Akira Kurosawa. Gangster Toshiro Mifune visits doctor Takashi Shimura, after an unfortunate incident with a bullet. The doctor, who despises the Yakuza, discovers the young man is suffering from tuberculosis, a disease symbolic of what is happening to the doctor and the community he serves. Facing his own anger and fear, the doctor aligns himself with the gangster's world.


  • Image Akira Tani
    Akira Tani
  • Image Chieko Nakakita
    Chieko Nakakita
  • Image Chôko Iida
    Chôko Iida
  • Image Eitarô Shindô
    Eitarô Shindô
  • Image Haruko Toyama
    Haruko Toyama
  • Image Ko Ubukata
    Ko Ubukata
  • Image Masao Shimizu
    Masao Shimizu
  • Image Mayuri Mokushô
    Mayuri Mokushô
  • Image Michiyo Kogure
    Michiyo Kogure
  • Image Noriko Sengoku
    Noriko Sengoku
  • Image Reizaburo Yamamoto
    Reizaburo Yamamoto
  • Image Sachio Sakai
    Sachio Sakai
  • Image Shizuko Kasagi
    Shizuko Kasagi
  • Image Sumire Shiroki
    Sumire Shiroki
  • Image Taiji Tonoyama
    Taiji Tonoyama
  • Image Takashi Shimura
    Takashi Shimura
  • Image Tateo Kawasaki
    Tateo Kawasaki
  • Image Toshiko Kawakubo
    Toshiko Kawakubo
  • Image Toshirō Mifune
    Toshirō Mifune
  • Image Yôko Sugi
    Yôko Sugi
  • Image Yoshiko Kuga
    Yoshiko Kuga
  • Image Yukie Nanbu
    Yukie Nanbu
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