Image Emergency – Ward 10

Emergency – Ward 10

30m, 60m

Emergency – Ward 10 is a British television series shown on ITV between 1957 and 1967. Like The Grove Family, a series shown by the BBC between 1954 and 1957, Emergency – Ward 10 is considered to be one of British television's first major soap operas.

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  • Image Basil Hoskins
    Basil Hoskins
  • Image Brian Nissen
    Brian Nissen
  • Image Caroline Blakiston
    Caroline Blakiston
  • Image Charles Tingwell
    Charles Tingwell
  • Image Dandy Nichols
    Dandy Nichols
  • Image Desmond Carrington
    Desmond Carrington
  • Image Erik Chitty
    Erik Chitty
  • Image Frazer Hines
    Frazer Hines
  • Image Glyn Owen
    Glyn Owen
  • Image Hilary Tindall
    Hilary Tindall
  • Image Ian Cullen
    Ian Cullen
  • Image Iris Russell
    Iris Russell
  • Image Jane Rossington
    Jane Rossington
  • Image Joan Hooley
    Joan Hooley
  • Image John Alderton
    John Alderton
  • Image John Arnatt
    John Arnatt
  • Image John Barron
    John Barron
  • Image John Carlisle
    John Carlisle
  • Image John Carson
    John Carson
  • Image John Crocker
    John Crocker
  • Image Kathleen Byron
    Kathleen Byron
  • Image Pauline Yates
    Pauline Yates
  • Image Ray Barrett
    Ray Barrett
  • Image Richard Thorp
    Richard Thorp
  • Image Sheila Fearn
    Sheila Fearn
  • Image Stella Tanner
    Stella Tanner
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