2h 4m

In 1800s England, a well-meaning but selfish young woman meddles in the love lives of her friends.


  • Image Aidan White
    Aidan White
  • Image Alastair Postlethwaite
    Alastair Postlethwaite
  • Image Alexis Bennett
    Alexis Bennett
  • Image Amber Anderson
    Amber Anderson
  • Image Angus Imrie
    Angus Imrie
  • Image Anna Francolini
    Anna Francolini
  • Image Anya Taylor-Joy
    Anya Taylor-Joy
  • Image Bill Nighy
    Bill Nighy
  • Image Callum Turner
    Callum Turner
  • Image Cecelia Jacob
    Cecelia Jacob
  • Image Charlotte Weston
    Charlotte Weston
  • Image Chloe Pirrie
    Chloe Pirrie
  • Image Chris White
    Chris White
  • Image Christopher Godwin
    Christopher Godwin
  • Image Cody Gipson
    Cody Gipson
  • Image Connor Dalton
    Connor Dalton
  • Image Connor Swindells
    Connor Swindells
  • Image Cris Penfold
    Cris Penfold
  • Image Edmund George Taylor
    Edmund George Taylor
  • Image Edward Davis
    Edward Davis
  • Image Esther Coles
    Esther Coles
  • Image Gemma Whelan
    Gemma Whelan
  • Image Giles Lewin
    Giles Lewin
  • Image Hannah Stokely
    Hannah Stokely
  • Image Isis Hainsworth
    Isis Hainsworth
  • Image Janine Craig
    Janine Craig
  • Image Joe Zeitlin
    Joe Zeitlin
  • Image Johnny Flynn
    Johnny Flynn
  • Image Josh O'Connor
    Josh O'Connor
  • Image Juno Coop
    Juno Coop
  • Image Leigh Daniels
    Leigh Daniels
  • Image Letty Thomas
    Letty Thomas
  • Image Lucy Briers
    Lucy Briers
  • Image Max Toovey
    Max Toovey
  • Image Mia Goth
    Mia Goth
  • Image Miranda Hart
    Miranda Hart
  • Image Myra McFadyen
    Myra McFadyen
  • Image Nicholas Burns
    Nicholas Burns
  • Image Nike Van Shie
    Nike Van Shie
  • Image Oliver Chris
    Oliver Chris
  • Image Philippe Barnes
    Philippe Barnes
  • Image Rose Shalloo
    Rose Shalloo
  • Image Rupert Graves
    Rupert Graves
  • Image Shaun Walters
    Shaun Walters
  • Image Suzie Toase
    Suzie Toase
  • Image Suzy Bloom
    Suzy Bloom
  • Image Tabitha Coop
    Tabitha Coop
  • Image Tanya Reynolds
    Tanya Reynolds
  • Image Vanessa Owen
    Vanessa Owen
  • Image Zachary Trevitt
    Zachary Trevitt
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