Image Empire Oktoberfest

Empire Oktoberfest


A young girl falls in love with a poor brewer's son. Their relationship is opposed by the girl's father, a rich mobster who has come to town to try to bully his way into the inner circle of Munich's brewery dynasties.

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  • Image Angela Ascher
    Angela Ascher
  • Image Brigitte Hobmeier
    Brigitte Hobmeier
  • Image Eisi Gulp
    Eisi Gulp
  • Image Ferdinand Dörfler
    Ferdinand Dörfler
  • Image Francis Fulton-Smith
    Francis Fulton-Smith
  • Image Hans Stadlbauer
    Hans Stadlbauer
  • Image Irina Wanka
    Irina Wanka
  • Image Klaus Steinbacher
    Klaus Steinbacher
  • Image Markus Krojer
    Markus Krojer
  • Image Martin Feifel
    Martin Feifel
  • Image Martina Gedeck
    Martina Gedeck
  • Image Maximilian Brückner
    Maximilian Brückner
  • Image Michael Kranz
    Michael Kranz
  • Image Mišel Matičević
    Mišel Matičević
  • Image Monika Manz
    Monika Manz
  • Image Nicole Mercedes Müller
    Nicole Mercedes Müller
  • Image Petra Berndt
    Petra Berndt
  • Image Rainer Maria Schießler
    Rainer Maria Schießler
  • Image Sibylle Canonica
    Sibylle Canonica
  • Image Vladimir Burlakov
    Vladimir Burlakov
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