1h 43m
  • Europa
  • 27-06-1991
  • Drama
  • Lars von Trier
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Postwar Germany, 1945. Leopold Kessler, an American of German descent, works as a sleeping car conductor for the Zentropa railway line. When he meets Katharina Hartmann, the railroad owner's daughter, and they fall in love, his life intersects with the dark and violent path of a mysterious organization opposed to the United States army military occupation.


  • Image Anne Werner Thomsen
    Anne Werner Thomsen
  • Image Baard Owe
    Baard Owe
  • Image Barbara Sukowa
    Barbara Sukowa
  • Image Ben Zimet
    Ben Zimet
  • Image Benny Poulsen
    Benny Poulsen
  • Image Dietrich Kuhlbrodt
    Dietrich Kuhlbrodt
  • Image Eddie Constantine
    Eddie Constantine
  • Image Else Petersen
    Else Petersen
  • Image Erik Mørk
    Erik Mørk
  • Image Erno Müller
    Erno Müller
  • Image Ernst-Hugo Järegård
    Ernst-Hugo Järegård
  • Image Hardy Rafn
    Hardy Rafn
  • Image Henning Jensen
    Henning Jensen
  • Image Holger Perfort
    Holger Perfort
  • Image Jean-Marc Barr
    Jean-Marc Barr
  • Image Jørgen Reenberg
    Jørgen Reenberg
  • Image Lars von Trier
    Lars von Trier
  • Image Leif Magnusson
    Leif Magnusson
  • Image Max von Sydow
    Max von Sydow
  • Image Michael Phillip Simpson
    Michael Phillip Simpson
  • Image Peter Haugstrup
    Peter Haugstrup
  • Image Tadek Lokcinski
    Tadek Lokcinski
  • Image Udo Kier
    Udo Kier
  • Image Vera Gebuhr
    Vera Gebuhr
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