Evan Almighty

1h 36m

Junior congressman Evan Baxter, whose wish is to "change the world" is heard by none other than God. When God appears with the perplexing request to build an ark, Evan is sure he is losing it.


  • Image Angela Martinez
    Angela Martinez
  • Image Arden Myrin
    Arden Myrin
  • Image Brian Howe
    Brian Howe
  • Image Catherine Bell
    Catherine Bell
  • Image Dean Norris
    Dean Norris
  • Image Don Dowe
    Don Dowe
  • Image Ed Helms
    Ed Helms
  • Image Graham Phillips
    Graham Phillips
  • Image Harry S. Murphy
    Harry S. Murphy
  • Image Harve Presnell
    Harve Presnell
  • Image James Newman
    James Newman
  • Image Jimmy Bennett
    Jimmy Bennett
  • Image John Goodman
    John Goodman
  • Image John Michael Higgins
    John Michael Higgins
  • Image Johnny Simmons
    Johnny Simmons
  • Image Jon Stewart
    Jon Stewart
  • Image Jonah Hill
    Jonah Hill
  • Image Lauren Graham
    Lauren Graham
  • Image Lucia Scarano
    Lucia Scarano
  • Image Maile Flanagan
    Maile Flanagan
  • Image Molly Shannon
    Molly Shannon
  • Image Morgan Freeman
    Morgan Freeman
  • Image P. J. Byrne
    P. J. Byrne
  • Image Ralph Louis Harris
    Ralph Louis Harris
  • Image Ralph P. Martin
    Ralph P. Martin
  • Image Steve Carell
    Steve Carell
  • Image Wanda Sykes
    Wanda Sykes
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