1h 23m

When a former CIA operative is kidnapped by a group of terrorists, his son learns there is no plan for his father to be saved—so he launches his own rescue operation.


  • Image Aaron Matthews
    Aaron Matthews
  • Image Bruce Willis
    Bruce Willis
  • Image Carl Anthony Nespoli
    Carl Anthony Nespoli
  • Image Christopher Rob Bowen
    Christopher Rob Bowen
  • Image Christopher Sileo
    Christopher Sileo
  • Image D. B. Sweeney
    D. B. Sweeney
  • Image Dan B. Norris
    Dan B. Norris
  • Image Dan Bilzerian
    Dan Bilzerian
  • Image David Gordon
    David Gordon
  • Image Eddie Matthews
    Eddie Matthews
  • Image Edward J. Delmore III
    Edward J. Delmore III
  • Image Eric VanArsdale
    Eric VanArsdale
  • Image George Quinones
    George Quinones
  • Image Gina Carano
    Gina Carano
  • Image Greg Rementer
    Greg Rementer
  • Image Heather Johansen
    Heather Johansen
  • Image Hwan Tran
    Hwan Tran
  • Image Ilram Choi
    Ilram Choi
  • Image Jacques L. Devore
    Jacques L. Devore
  • Image Jamie Gliddon
    Jamie Gliddon
  • Image Jean Claude Leuyer
    Jean Claude Leuyer
  • Image Jeffery Patterson
    Jeffery Patterson
  • Image Jenna B. Kelly
    Jenna B. Kelly
  • Image Jillian Sheen
    Jillian Sheen
  • Image John Bernecker
    John Bernecker
  • Image John Dauer
    John Dauer
  • Image Joshua Mikel
    Joshua Mikel
  • Image Kellan Lutz
    Kellan Lutz
  • Image Kevin Beard
    Kevin Beard
  • Image Linda Lind
    Linda Lind
  • Image Lindsey Pelas
    Lindsey Pelas
  • Image Luke Hawk
    Luke Hawk
  • Image Lydia Hull
    Lydia Hull
  • Image Mark Hicks
    Mark Hicks
  • Image Martin Blencowe
    Martin Blencowe
  • Image Michael Santini
    Michael Santini
  • Image Michael Yahn
    Michael Yahn
  • Image Mike Dawson
    Mike Dawson
  • Image Nathan Varnson
    Nathan Varnson
  • Image Nick Loeb
    Nick Loeb
  • Image Nicole Victoria Gomez
    Nicole Victoria Gomez
  • Image Nikki BreAnne Wells
    Nikki BreAnne Wells
  • Image Olga Valentina
    Olga Valentina
  • Image Patrick Constantine Bertagnolli Jr.
    Patrick Constantine Bertagnolli Jr.
  • Image Quinn Early
    Quinn Early
  • Image Richie Chance
    Richie Chance
  • Image Rob Steinberg
    Rob Steinberg
  • Image Roman Mitichyan
    Roman Mitichyan
  • Image Ronn Surels
    Ronn Surels
  • Image Ryan Pablo Foster
    Ryan Pablo Foster
  • Image Sam Medina
    Sam Medina
  • Image Sierra Love
    Sierra Love
  • Image Simon Rhee
    Simon Rhee
  • Image Stephen Conroy
    Stephen Conroy
  • Image Steve Coulter
    Steve Coulter
  • Image Steve Kim
    Steve Kim
  • Image Summer Altice
    Summer Altice
  • Image Sydney Fine
    Sydney Fine
  • Image Ted Barba
    Ted Barba
  • Image Thomas Canestraro
    Thomas Canestraro
  • Image Tyler Jon Olson
    Tyler Jon Olson
  • Image Yan Dron
    Yan Dron
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