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Johnny Kovak joins the Teamsters trade-union in a local chapter in the 1930s and works his way up in the organization. As he climbs higher and higher his methods become more ruthless and finally senator Madison starts a campaign to find the truth about the alleged connections with the Mob.


  • Image Alphonse Skerl
    Alphonse Skerl
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    Andy Romano
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    Anthony Kiedis
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    Antonio Canino
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    Barry Atwater
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    Bill Zuckert
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    Brass Adams
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    Brian Dennehy
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    Carl Vander Meulen
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    Cassie Yates
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    Charles McCarthy
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    Chuck Gradi
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    David Greene
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    David Huffman
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    Fil Formicola
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    Frank Bongiorno
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    Frank McRae
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    Frank Whiteman
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    George Barrow
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    Harry Basch
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    Henry Wilcoxon
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    Herman Poppe
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    Hugo Bolba
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    Jack Slate
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    James Jeter
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    James Karen
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    Joe Tornatore
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    John Lehne
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    John R. Setard
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    Joseph W. Schuver
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    Kevin Conway
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    Martin Braddock
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    René Le Vant
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    Robert Courtleigh
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    Robert Lipton
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    Rod Steiger
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    Russell Shannon
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    Sam Chew Jr.
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    Sidney Clute
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    Sylvester Stallone
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    Tony Lo Bianco
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    Tony Mockus Jr.
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    Vincent Williams
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    Walt Davis
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