1h 49m

A movies special effects man is hired by a government agency to help stage the assassination of a well known gangster. When the agency double cross him, he uses his special effects to trap the gangster and the corrupt agents.


  • Image Angela Bassett
    Angela Bassett
  • Image Brian Dennehy
    Brian Dennehy
  • Image Bryan Brown
    Bryan Brown
  • Image Cliff DeYoung
    Cliff DeYoung
  • Image Diane Venora
    Diane Venora
  • Image Jean De Baer
    Jean De Baer
  • Image Jerry Orbach
    Jerry Orbach
  • Image Joe Grifasi
    Joe Grifasi
  • Image John Doumanian
    John Doumanian
  • Image Jossie DeGuzman
    Jossie DeGuzman
  • Image M'el Dowd
    M'el Dowd
  • Image Martha Gehman
    Martha Gehman
  • Image Mason Adams
    Mason Adams
  • Image Paul D'Amato
    Paul D'Amato
  • Image Ray Iannicelli
    Ray Iannicelli
  • Image Tom Noonan
    Tom Noonan
  • Image Trey Wilson
    Trey Wilson
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