Fahrenheit 451

1h 53m

In the future, the government maintains control of public opinion by outlawing literature and maintaining a group of enforcers, known as “firemen,” to perform the necessary book burnings. Fireman Montag begins to question the morality of his vocation…


  • Image Aileen Lewis
    Aileen Lewis
  • Image Alan Ford
    Alan Ford
  • Image Alex Scott
    Alex Scott
  • Image Ann Bell
    Ann Bell
  • Image Anna Palk
    Anna Palk
  • Image Anton Diffring
    Anton Diffring
  • Image Arnold Schulkes
    Arnold Schulkes
  • Image Arthur Cox
    Arthur Cox
  • Image Arthur Haynes
    Arthur Haynes
  • Image Bee Duffell
    Bee Duffell
  • Image Caroline Hunt
    Caroline Hunt
  • Image Charlie McFadden
    Charlie McFadden
  • Image Chris William
    Chris William
  • Image Cyril Cusack
    Cyril Cusack
  • Image David Glover
    David Glover
  • Image Denis Gilmore
    Denis Gilmore
  • Image Donald Pickering
    Donald Pickering
  • Image Earl Younger
    Earl Younger
  • Image Edward Kaye
    Edward Kaye
  • Image Eric Mason
    Eric Mason
  • Image Frank Cox
    Frank Cox
  • Image Fred Cox
    Fred Cox
  • Image Gillian Aldam
    Gillian Aldam
  • Image Gillian Lewis
    Gillian Lewis
  • Image Jeremy Spenser
    Jeremy Spenser
  • Image Joan Francis
    Joan Francis
  • Image John Rae
    John Rae
  • Image Judith Drinan
    Judith Drinan
  • Image Julie Christie
    Julie Christie
  • Image Kevin Eldon
    Kevin Eldon
  • Image Mark Lester
    Mark Lester
  • Image Michael Balfour
    Michael Balfour
  • Image Michael Mundell
    Michael Mundell
  • Image Noel Davis
    Noel Davis
  • Image Oskar Werner
    Oskar Werner
  • Image Reg Thomason
    Reg Thomason
  • Image Roma Milne
    Roma Milne
  • Image Terry Sartain
    Terry Sartain
  • Image Tina Hart
    Tina Hart
  • Image Tom Watson
    Tom Watson
  • Image Yvonne Blake
    Yvonne Blake
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