Father Stu

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  • Father Stu
  • 13-04-2022
  • Drama
  • Rosalind Ross
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The true-life story of boxer-turned-priest, Father Stuart Long, whose journey from self-destruction to redemption inspired countless people along the way.


  • Image Aaron Moten
    Aaron Moten
  • Image Alain Uy
    Alain Uy
  • Image Annet Mahendru
    Annet Mahendru
  • Image Annie Lee
    Annie Lee
  • Image Betsy Moore
    Betsy Moore
  • Image Carlos Leal
    Carlos Leal
  • Image Chiquita Fuller
    Chiquita Fuller
  • Image Cody Fern
    Cody Fern
  • Image Faith Jefferies
    Faith Jefferies
  • Image Jacki Weaver
    Jacki Weaver
  • Image Malcolm McDowell
    Malcolm McDowell
  • Image Mariah Maison
    Mariah Maison
  • Image Mark Wahlberg
    Mark Wahlberg
  • Image Mathew Trent Hunnicutt
    Mathew Trent Hunnicutt
  • Image Mel Gibson
    Mel Gibson
  • Image Michael Fairman
    Michael Fairman
  • Image Molly Baker
    Molly Baker
  • Image Ned Bellamy
    Ned Bellamy
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    Niko Nicotera
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    Pablo Ramos
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    Penny L. Moore
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    Ronnie Gene Blevins
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    Skip Howland
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    Tenz McCall
  • Image Teresa Ruiz
    Teresa Ruiz
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    Tyler Burke
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    Winter Ave Zoli
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