Image Festa é Festa

Festa é Festa


A village in the interior of Portugal is preparing the best village festival ever, in the year that marks the centenary of its greatest benefactor. Everyone does their best in organizing the party always with something in mind: the inheritance of the elderly woman.

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  • Image Ana Brito e Cunha
    Ana Brito e Cunha
  • Image Ana Guiomar
    Ana Guiomar
  • Image Ana Marta Contente
    Ana Marta Contente
  • Image Beatriz Barosa
    Beatriz Barosa
  • Image Beatriz Costa
    Beatriz Costa
  • Image Carlos M. Cunha
    Carlos M. Cunha
  • Image Catarina Avelar
    Catarina Avelar
  • Image Filomena Gonçalves
    Filomena Gonçalves
  • Image Francisca Cerqueira Gomes
    Francisca Cerqueira Gomes
  • Image Gonçalo Norton
    Gonçalo Norton
  • Image Helder Agapito
    Helder Agapito
  • Image Inês Herédia
    Inês Herédia
  • Image José Carlos Pereira
    José Carlos Pereira
  • Image Luís Simões
    Luís Simões
  • Image Manuel Marques
    Manuel Marques
  • Image Manuel Melo
    Manuel Melo
  • Image Maria do Céu Guerra
    Maria do Céu Guerra
  • Image Maria Sampaio
    Maria Sampaio
  • Image Marta Andrino
    Marta Andrino
  • Image Marta Gil
    Marta Gil
  • Image Pedro Alves
    Pedro Alves
  • Image Pedro Teixeira
    Pedro Teixeira
  • Image Ricardo Trêpa
    Ricardo Trêpa
  • Image Rodrigo Paganelli
    Rodrigo Paganelli
  • Image Silvia Rizzo
    Silvia Rizzo
  • Image Valdemar Brito
    Valdemar Brito
  • Image Vitor Emanuel
    Vitor Emanuel
  • Image Vítor Norte
    Vítor Norte
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