Final Destination 3

1h 33m

A student's premonition of a deadly rollercoaster ride saves her life and a lucky few, but not from death itself – which seeks out those who escaped their fate.


  • Image Agam Darshi
    Agam Darshi
  • Image Alberto Ghisi
    Alberto Ghisi
  • Image Alexandr Kalugin
    Alexandr Kalugin
  • Image Alexz Johnson
    Alexz Johnson
  • Image Amanda Crew
    Amanda Crew
  • Image Andrew Francis
    Andrew Francis
  • Image Chelan Simmons
    Chelan Simmons
  • Image Colby Johannson
    Colby Johannson
  • Image Cory Monteith
    Cory Monteith
  • Image Crystal Lowe
    Crystal Lowe
  • Image Dustin Milligan
    Dustin Milligan
  • Image Dylan Basile
    Dylan Basile
  • Image Dylan Basu
    Dylan Basu
  • Image Ecstasia Sanders
    Ecstasia Sanders
  • Image Gina Holden
    Gina Holden
  • Image Graham Andrews
    Graham Andrews
  • Image Harris Allan
    Harris Allan
  • Image Jacob Rupp
    Jacob Rupp
  • Image Jesse Moss
    Jesse Moss
  • Image Jim Shield
    Jim Shield
  • Image Jody Racicot
    Jody Racicot
  • Image Keith Dallas
    Keith Dallas
  • Image Kris Lemche
    Kris Lemche
  • Image Lou Bollo
    Lou Bollo
  • Image Maggie Ma
    Maggie Ma
  • Image Mary Elizabeth Winstead
    Mary Elizabeth Winstead
  • Image Matt Ellis
    Matt Ellis
  • Image Nels Lennarson
    Nels Lennarson
  • Image Nesta Chapman
    Nesta Chapman
  • Image Patrick Gallagher
    Patrick Gallagher
  • Image R. David Stephens
    R. David Stephens
  • Image Ryan Merriman
    Ryan Merriman
  • Image Sam Easton
    Sam Easton
  • Image Stuart Cowan
    Stuart Cowan
  • Image Texas Battle
    Texas Battle
  • Image Tony Morelli
    Tony Morelli
  • Image Tony Todd
    Tony Todd
  • Image Víctor Ayala
    Víctor Ayala
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