Five Easy Pieces

1h 38m
  • Five Easy Pieces
  • 12-09-1970
  • Drama
  • Bob Rafelson
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A drop-out from upper-class America picks up work along the way on oil-rigs when his life isn't spent in a squalid succession of bars, motels, and other points of interest.


  • Image Billy Green Bush
    Billy Green Bush
  • Image Fannie Flagg
    Fannie Flagg
  • Image Helena Kallianiotes
    Helena Kallianiotes
  • Image Irene Dailey
    Irene Dailey
  • Image Jack Nicholson
    Jack Nicholson
  • Image John P. Ryan
    John P. Ryan
  • Image Karen Black
    Karen Black
  • Image Lois Smith
    Lois Smith
  • Image Lorna Thayer
    Lorna Thayer
  • Image Marlena MacGuire
    Marlena MacGuire
  • Image Ralph Waite
    Ralph Waite
  • Image Richard Stahl
    Richard Stahl
  • Image Sally Struthers
    Sally Struthers
  • Image Susan Anspach
    Susan Anspach
  • Image Toni Basil
    Toni Basil
  • Image William Challee
    William Challee
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