Forces of Nature

1h 45m

Ben Holmes, a professional book-jacket blurbologist, is trying to get to Savannah for his wedding. He just barely catches the last plane, but a seagull flies into the engine as the plane is taking off. All later flights are cancelled because of an approaching hurricane, so he is forced to hitch a ride in a Geo Metro with an attractive but eccentric woman named Sara.


  • Image Afemo Omilami
    Afemo Omilami
  • Image Anne Haney
    Anne Haney
  • Image Athena Maria Bitzis
    Athena Maria Bitzis
  • Image Ben Affleck
    Ben Affleck
  • Image Bert Remsen
    Bert Remsen
  • Image Bill Coates
    Bill Coates
  • Image Bill Erwin
    Bill Erwin
  • Image Blythe Danner
    Blythe Danner
  • Image Bob King
    Bob King
  • Image Cal Johnson
    Cal Johnson
  • Image Carter Reedy
    Carter Reedy
  • Image Chad Ridgely
    Chad Ridgely
  • Image Dan Albright
    Dan Albright
  • Image Dan Biggers
    Dan Biggers
  • Image Danny Scalf
    Danny Scalf
  • Image David Strickland
    David Strickland
  • Image Francisco De Ramírez
    Francisco De Ramírez
  • Image George Wallace
    George Wallace
  • Image Jack Kehler
    Jack Kehler
  • Image Janet Carroll
    Janet Carroll
  • Image Joanne Pankow
    Joanne Pankow
  • Image John Doe
    John Doe
  • Image Julie Ivey
    Julie Ivey
  • Image Kara Hamilton
    Kara Hamilton
  • Image Leon Lamar
    Leon Lamar
  • Image Libby Whittemore
    Libby Whittemore
  • Image Maura Tierney
    Maura Tierney
  • Image Meredith Scott Lynn
    Meredith Scott Lynn
  • Image Michael Cudlitz
    Michael Cudlitz
  • Image Michael Fairman
    Michael Fairman
  • Image Mike Pniewski
    Mike Pniewski
  • Image Pat Crawford Brown
    Pat Crawford Brown
  • Image Richard Schiff
    Richard Schiff
  • Image Rob Springer
    Rob Springer
  • Image Ronny Cox
    Ronny Cox
  • Image Sandra Bullock
    Sandra Bullock
  • Image Shelly Desai
    Shelly Desai
  • Image Steve Hytner
    Steve Hytner
  • Image Steve Zahn
    Steve Zahn
  • Image Taylor Gilbert
    Taylor Gilbert
  • Image Wes Kennemore
    Wes Kennemore
  • Image William Marquez
    William Marquez
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