Freaks Out

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Matilde, Cencio, Fulvio and Mario are like siblings when the tragedy of the Second World War hits Rome. In 1943 they work in a circus in the Eternal City. Israel, the circus owner and their putative father, disappears in the attempt to find a getaway overseas for them all. Our four friends are in disarray. Without anybody looking after them and without a circus, the four protagonists have no place in society. They feel only as freaks, lost in a war-torn city.


  • Image Aurora Giovinazzo
    Aurora Giovinazzo
  • Image Claudio Santamaria
    Claudio Santamaria
  • Image Edoardo Purgatori
    Edoardo Purgatori
  • Image Franz Rogowski
    Franz Rogowski
  • Image Giancarlo Martini
    Giancarlo Martini
  • Image Giorgio Tirabassi
    Giorgio Tirabassi
  • Image Max Mazzotta
    Max Mazzotta
  • Image Pietro Castellitto
    Pietro Castellitto
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