1h 2m

A circus' beautiful trapeze artist agrees to marry the leader of side-show performers, but his deformed friends discover she is only marrying him for his inheritance.


  • Image Albert Conti
    Albert Conti
  • Image Angelo Rossitto
    Angelo Rossitto
  • Image Constantine Romanoff
    Constantine Romanoff
  • Image Daisy Earles
    Daisy Earles
  • Image Daisy Hilton
    Daisy Hilton
  • Image Delmo Fritz
    Delmo Fritz
  • Image Demetrius Alexis
    Demetrius Alexis
  • Image Edith
  • Image Edward Brophy
    Edward Brophy
  • Image Elizabeth Green
    Elizabeth Green
  • Image Elvira Snow
    Elvira Snow
  • Image Ernie Adams
    Ernie Adams
  • Image Frances O'Connor
    Frances O'Connor
  • Image Harry Earles
    Harry Earles
  • Image Henry Victor
    Henry Victor
  • Image Hooper Atchley
    Hooper Atchley
  • Image Jenny Lee Snow
    Jenny Lee Snow
  • Image Jerry Austin
    Jerry Austin
  • Image John Aasen
    John Aasen
  • Image Johnny Eck
    Johnny Eck
  • Image Josephine Joseph
    Josephine Joseph
  • Image Koo Koo
    Koo Koo
  • Image Leila Hyams
    Leila Hyams
  • Image Martha Morris
    Martha Morris
  • Image Mathilde Comont
    Mathilde Comont
  • Image Matt McHugh
    Matt McHugh
  • Image Michael Visaroff
    Michael Visaroff
  • Image Murray Kinnell
    Murray Kinnell
  • Image Olga Baclanova
    Olga Baclanova
  • Image Olga Roderick
    Olga Roderick
  • Image Peter Robinson
    Peter Robinson
  • Image Prince Randian
    Prince Randian
  • Image Roscoe Ates
    Roscoe Ates
  • Image Rose Dione
    Rose Dione
  • Image Schlitzie
  • Image Sidney Bracey
    Sidney Bracey
  • Image Tiny Doll
    Tiny Doll
  • Image Violet Hilton
    Violet Hilton
  • Image Wallace Ford
    Wallace Ford
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