Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan

1h 40m
  • Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan
  • 28-07-1989
  • Horror, Thriller
  • Rob Hedden
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A group of students on a graduation cruise bound for Manhattan soon realize they've got a stowaway aboard the ship: serial killer Jason Voorhees.


  • Image Ace
  • Image Alex Diakun
    Alex Diakun
  • Image Amber Pawlick
    Amber Pawlick
  • Image Barbara Bingham
    Barbara Bingham
  • Image David Jacox
    David Jacox
  • Image David Longworth
    David Longworth
  • Image Fred Henderson
    Fred Henderson
  • Image Gordon Currie
    Gordon Currie
  • Image Jasper Cole
    Jasper Cole
  • Image Jensen Daggett
    Jensen Daggett
  • Image Kane Hodder
    Kane Hodder
  • Image Kelly Hu
    Kelly Hu
  • Image Ken Kirzinger
    Ken Kirzinger
  • Image Martin Cummins
    Martin Cummins
  • Image Michael Benyaer
    Michael Benyaer
  • Image Peggy Hedden
    Peggy Hedden
  • Image Peter Mark Richman
    Peter Mark Richman
  • Image Roger Barnes
    Roger Barnes
  • Image Saffron Henderson
    Saffron Henderson
  • Image Sam Sarkar
    Sam Sarkar
  • Image Scott Reeves
    Scott Reeves
  • Image Sharlene Martin
    Sharlene Martin
  • Image Tiffany Paulsen
    Tiffany Paulsen
  • Image Tim Mirkovich
    Tim Mirkovich
  • Image Todd Caldecott
    Todd Caldecott
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    Vince Cupone
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    Vincent Craig Dupree
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    Warren Munson
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