Fun Is Beautiful

1h 37m
  • Un sacco bello
  • 19-01-1980
  • Comedy
  • Carlo Verdone
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Three stories, three characters all played by Verdone. The first is an awkward young man, who meets a Spanish tourist in Rome. The second has planned a trip towards East with a suitcase full of stockings and biro pens. The last one is a hippy whose father tries to convince him to get back home.


  • Image Ada Passari
    Ada Passari
  • Image Alba Maiolini
    Alba Maiolini
  • Image Carlo Verdone
    Carlo Verdone
  • Image Ettore Martini
    Ettore Martini
  • Image Franco Venditti
    Franco Venditti
  • Image Isabella De Bernardi
    Isabella De Bernardi
  • Image Luciano Bonanni
    Luciano Bonanni
  • Image Maria Mizar
    Maria Mizar
  • Image Mario Brega
    Mario Brega
  • Image Renato Scarpa
    Renato Scarpa
  • Image Romano Vilella
    Romano Vilella
  • Image Sandro Ghiani
    Sandro Ghiani
  • Image VerĂ³nica Miriel
    VerĂ³nica Miriel
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