Generasi 90an: Melankolia

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  • Generasi 90an: Melankolia
  • 09-04-2020
  • Drama
  • M. Irfan Ramli
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Family is the most valuable thing in Abby's life. However, after Indah's departure, Abby's most dear older sister, slowly Abby and his family changed. They lost each other.


  • Image Aghniny Haque
    Aghniny Haque
  • Image Amaranggana
  • Image Ari Irham
    Ari Irham
  • Image François Mohede
    François Mohede
  • Image Gunawan Sudradjat
    Gunawan Sudradjat
  • Image Jennifer Coppen
    Jennifer Coppen
  • Image Karina Salim
    Karina Salim
  • Image Marcella Zalianty
    Marcella Zalianty
  • Image Taskya Namya
    Taskya Namya
  • Image Wafda Saifan
    Wafda Saifan
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