God’s Not Dead

1h 53m
  • God's Not Dead
  • 21-03-2014
  • Drama
  • Harold Cronk
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After he refuses to disavow his faith, a devout Christian student must prove the existence of God or else his college philosophy professor will fail him.


  • Image Alex Aristidis
    Alex Aristidis
  • Image Benjamin Ochieng
    Benjamin Ochieng
  • Image Cara Mantella
    Cara Mantella
  • Image Cassidy Gifford
    Cassidy Gifford
  • Image Cory Oliver
    Cory Oliver
  • Image David A.R. White
    David A.R. White
  • Image Dean Cain
    Dean Cain
  • Image Duncan Phillips
    Duncan Phillips
  • Image Hadeel Sittu
    Hadeel Sittu
  • Image Jeff Frankenstein
    Jeff Frankenstein
  • Image Jesse Wang
    Jesse Wang
  • Image Jody Davis
    Jody Davis
  • Image Kevin Sorbo
    Kevin Sorbo
  • Image Korie Robertson
    Korie Robertson
  • Image Lenore Banks
    Lenore Banks
  • Image Lisa Arnold
    Lisa Arnold
  • Image Lucy Faust
    Lucy Faust
  • Image Marco Khan
    Marco Khan
  • Image Michael Tait
    Michael Tait
  • Image Paul Kwo
    Paul Kwo
  • Image Russell Wolfe
    Russell Wolfe
  • Image Shane Harper
    Shane Harper
  • Image Trisha LaFache
    Trisha LaFache
  • Image Willie Robertson
    Willie Robertson
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