2h 19m

When a freighter is viciously attacked in the Pacific Ocean, a team of experts -- including biologist Niko Tatopoulos and scientists Elsie Chapman and Mendel Craven -- concludes that an oversized reptile is the culprit. Before long, the giant lizard is loose in Manhattan, destroying everything within its reach. The team chases the monster to Madison Square Garden, where a brutal battle ensues.


  • Image Al Leong
    Al Leong
  • Image Al Sapienza
    Al Sapienza
  • Image Ali Afshar
    Ali Afshar
  • Image Arabella Field
    Arabella Field
  • Image Benjamin Baird
    Benjamin Baird
  • Image Bill Hoag
    Bill Hoag
  • Image Bodhi Elfman
    Bodhi Elfman
  • Image Brian Farabaugh
    Brian Farabaugh
  • Image Burt Bulos
    Burt Bulos
  • Image Chris Ellis
    Chris Ellis
  • Image Christian Aubert
    Christian Aubert
  • Image Christopher Carruthers
    Christopher Carruthers
  • Image Christopher Darius Maleki
    Christopher Darius Maleki
  • Image Clyde Kusatsu
    Clyde Kusatsu
  • Image Craig 'Radioman' Castaldo
    Craig 'Radioman' Castaldo
  • Image Dale Harimoto
    Dale Harimoto
  • Image Daniel Pearce
    Daniel Pearce
  • Image David Pressman
    David Pressman
  • Image Derek Webster
    Derek Webster
  • Image Doug Savant
    Doug Savant
  • Image Dwayne Swingler
    Dwayne Swingler
  • Image Dwight Schmidt
    Dwight Schmidt
  • Image Ed Wheeler
    Ed Wheeler
  • Image Eric Paskel
    Eric Paskel
  • Image Eric Saiet
    Eric Saiet
  • Image Francois Giroday
    Francois Giroday
  • Image Frank Bruynbroek
    Frank Bruynbroek
  • Image Frank Cilberg
    Frank Cilberg
  • Image Frank Welker
    Frank Welker
  • Image Gary A. Hecker
    Gary A. Hecker
  • Image Gary W. Cruz
    Gary W. Cruz
  • Image Gary Warner
    Gary Warner
  • Image Glenn Morshower
    Glenn Morshower
  • Image Greg Callahan
    Greg Callahan
  • Image Greg Collins
    Greg Collins
  • Image Hank Azaria
    Hank Azaria
  • Image Harry Shearer
    Harry Shearer
  • Image Jack Moore
    Jack Moore
  • Image James Black
    James Black
  • Image Jamison Yang
    Jamison Yang
  • Image Jason Edward Jones
    Jason Edward Jones
  • Image Jean Reno
    Jean Reno
  • Image Jimmy Star
    Jimmy Star
  • Image Jonathan Dienst
    Jonathan Dienst
  • Image Joseph Badalucco Jr.
    Joseph Badalucco Jr.
  • Image Joshua Taylor
    Joshua Taylor
  • Image Julian M. Phillips
    Julian M. Phillips
  • Image Kevin Dunn
    Kevin Dunn
  • Image Kirk Geiger
    Kirk Geiger
  • Image Lawton Paseka
    Lawton Paseka
  • Image Lee Weaver
    Lee Weaver
  • Image Leonard Termo
    Leonard Termo
  • Image Lloyd Kino
    Lloyd Kino
  • Image Lola Pashalinski
    Lola Pashalinski
  • Image Lorry Goldman
    Lorry Goldman
  • Image Madeline McFadden
    Madeline McFadden
  • Image Malcolm Danare
    Malcolm Danare
  • Image Maria Pitillo
    Maria Pitillo
  • Image Mark Fite
    Mark Fite
  • Image Mark Munafo
    Mark Munafo
  • Image Masaya Kato
    Masaya Kato
  • Image Matthew Broderick
    Matthew Broderick
  • Image Michael Lerner
    Michael Lerner
  • Image Montae Russell
    Montae Russell
  • Image Nancy Cartwright
    Nancy Cartwright
  • Image Nathan Anderson
    Nathan Anderson
  • Image Nicholas J. Giangiulio
    Nicholas J. Giangiulio
  • Image Pat Mastroianni
    Pat Mastroianni
  • Image Paul Ware
    Paul Ware
  • Image Philippe Bergeron
    Philippe Bergeron
  • Image Ralph Manza
    Ralph Manza
  • Image Raymond Ramos
    Raymond Ramos
  • Image Rich Grosso
    Rich Grosso
  • Image Richard Gant
    Richard Gant
  • Image Rob Fukuzaki
    Rob Fukuzaki
  • Image Robert Faltisco
    Robert Faltisco
  • Image Robert Floyd
    Robert Floyd
  • Image Robert Lesser
    Robert Lesser
  • Image Roger McIntyre
    Roger McIntyre
  • Image Scott Lusby
    Scott Lusby
  • Image Seth Peterson
    Seth Peterson
  • Image Stephen Xavier Lee
    Stephen Xavier Lee
  • Image Steve Giannelli
    Steve Giannelli
  • Image Stoney Westmoreland
    Stoney Westmoreland
  • Image Stuart Fratkin
    Stuart Fratkin
  • Image Terence Paul Winter
    Terence Paul Winter
  • Image Thomas Giuseppe Giantonelli
    Thomas Giuseppe Giantonelli
  • Image Toshi Toda
    Toshi Toda
  • Image Vicki Lewis
    Vicki Lewis
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