Happy as Lazzaro

2h 5m

Purehearted teen Lazzaro is content living as a sharecropper in rural Italy, but an unlikely friendship with the marquise’s son will change his world.


  • Image Adriano Tardiolo
    Adriano Tardiolo
  • Image Agnese Graziani
    Agnese Graziani
  • Image Alba Rohrwacher
    Alba Rohrwacher
  • Image Alessandro Genovesi
    Alessandro Genovesi
  • Image Annunziata Capretto
    Annunziata Capretto
  • Image Carlo Massimino
    Carlo Massimino
  • Image Carlo Tarmati
    Carlo Tarmati
  • Image Daria Pascal Attolini
    Daria Pascal Attolini
  • Image Davide Denci
    Davide Denci
  • Image Edoardo Montalto
    Edoardo Montalto
  • Image Ettore Scarpa
    Ettore Scarpa
  • Image Gala Othero Winter
    Gala Othero Winter
  • Image Giulia Caccavello
    Giulia Caccavello
  • Image Iris Pulvano
    Iris Pulvano
  • Image Leonardo Nigro
    Leonardo Nigro
  • Image Luca Chikovani
    Luca Chikovani
  • Image Maddalena Baiocco
    Maddalena Baiocco
  • Image Natalino Balasso
    Natalino Balasso
  • Image Nicoletta Braschi
    Nicoletta Braschi
  • Image Pascal Tréguy
    Pascal Tréguy
  • Image Pasqualina Scuncia
    Pasqualina Scuncia
  • Image Sergi López
    Sergi López
  • Image Tommaso Ragno
    Tommaso Ragno
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