1h 44m

The story of Elwood P. Dowd who makes friends with a spirit taking the form of a human-sized rabbit named Harvey that only he sees (and a few privileged others on occasion also.) After his sister tries to commit him to a mental institution, a comedy of errors ensues. Elwood and Harvey become the catalysts for a family mending its wounds and for romance blossoming in unexpected places.


  • Image Aileen Carlyle
    Aileen Carlyle
  • Image Almira Sessions
    Almira Sessions
  • Image Anne O'Neal
    Anne O'Neal
  • Image Cecil Kellaway
    Cecil Kellaway
  • Image Charles Drake
    Charles Drake
  • Image Clem Bevans
    Clem Bevans
  • Image Dick Wessel
    Dick Wessel
  • Image Don Brodie
    Don Brodie
  • Image Edwin Max
    Edwin Max
  • Image Eula Guy
    Eula Guy
  • Image Fess Parker
    Fess Parker
  • Image Gino Corrado
    Gino Corrado
  • Image Grayce Hampton
    Grayce Hampton
  • Image Grayce Mills
    Grayce Mills
  • Image Harry Hines
    Harry Hines
  • Image Harvey
  • Image James Stewart
    James Stewart
  • Image Jesse White
    Jesse White
  • Image Josephine Hull
    Josephine Hull
  • Image Leo Sulky
    Leo Sulky
  • Image Maudie Prickett
    Maudie Prickett
  • Image Minerva Urecal
    Minerva Urecal
  • Image Nana Bryant
    Nana Bryant
  • Image Norman Leavitt
    Norman Leavitt
  • Image Pat Flaherty
    Pat Flaherty
  • Image Peggy Dow
    Peggy Dow
  • Image Polly Bailey
    Polly Bailey
  • Image Ruthelma Stevens
    Ruthelma Stevens
  • Image Sally Corner
    Sally Corner
  • Image Sam Wolfe
    Sam Wolfe
  • Image Victoria Horne
    Victoria Horne
  • Image Wallace Ford
    Wallace Ford
  • Image William H. Lynn
    William H. Lynn
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