Heart of Africa

1h 30m
  • Heart of Africa
  • 13-03-2020
  • Drama
  • Tshoper Kabambi
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A Congolese man is torn between two men: The warlord who raised him, and the Latter-day Saint mission president who gave him a chance to redeem himself after a horrific incident. Inspired by a true story.


  • Image Adu Ilunga
    Adu Ilunga
  • Image Amour Lombi
    Amour Lombi
  • Image Bavon Diana
    Bavon Diana
  • Image Brandon Ray Olive
    Brandon Ray Olive
  • Image Elbas Manuana
    Elbas Manuana
  • Image Megan Dembo
    Megan Dembo
  • Image Moyindo Mpongo
    Moyindo Mpongo
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