Heartbreak Ridge

2h 10m

A hard-nosed, hard-living Marine gunnery sergeant clashes with his superiors and his ex-wife as he takes command of a spoiled recon platoon with a bad attitude.


  • Image Annie O'Donnell
    Annie O'Donnell
  • Image Arlen Dean Snyder
    Arlen Dean Snyder
  • Image Begonya Plaza
    Begonya Plaza
  • Image Bo Svenson
    Bo Svenson
  • Image Boyd Gaines
    Boyd Gaines
  • Image Christopher Michael
    Christopher Michael
  • Image Clint Eastwood
    Clint Eastwood
  • Image Darwyn Swalve
    Darwyn Swalve
  • Image Eileen Heckart
    Eileen Heckart
  • Image Elizabeth Ruscio
    Elizabeth Ruscio
  • Image Everett McGill
    Everett McGill
  • Image George Hartmann
    George Hartmann
  • Image Holly Shelton-Foy
    Holly Shelton-Foy
  • Image J. C. Quinn
    J. C. Quinn
  • Image John Eames
    John Eames
  • Image John Gallagher
    John Gallagher
  • Image John Hostetter
    John Hostetter
  • Image Jon Pennell
    Jon Pennell
  • Image Lloyd Nelson
    Lloyd Nelson
  • Image Mario Van Peebles
    Mario Van Peebles
  • Image Marsha Mason
    Marsha Mason
  • Image Michael Maurer
    Michael Maurer
  • Image Mike Gomez
    Mike Gomez
  • Image Moses Gunn
    Moses Gunn
  • Image Nicholas Worth
    Nicholas Worth
  • Image Peter Jason
    Peter Jason
  • Image Peter Koch
    Peter Koch
  • Image Ramón Franco
    Ramón Franco
  • Image Rebecca Perle
    Rebecca Perle
  • Image Richard Venture
    Richard Venture
  • Image Rodney Hill
    Rodney Hill
  • Image Russell Appling
    Russell Appling
  • Image Stan Rodarte
    Stan Rodarte
  • Image Steve Halsey
    Steve Halsey
  • Image Thom Sharp
    Thom Sharp
  • Image Timothy Fall
    Timothy Fall
  • Image Tom Ellison
    Tom Ellison
  • Image Tom Villard
    Tom Villard
  • Image Tom Willett
    Tom Willett
  • Image Trish Garland
    Trish Garland
  • Image Vincent Irizarry
    Vincent Irizarry
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