Hidden Away

2h 0m

The film tackles the life journey of Toni Ligabue, visionary naïf painter who used to draw tigers, lions and jaguars while living among the poplar trees of the boundless Po valley. A harsh life that is a fairy tale too, as a lonely and marginalized kid finds redemption in his art, and a way to express himself and be admired by the world.


  • Image Andrea Gherpelli
    Andrea Gherpelli
  • Image Duilio Pizzocchi
    Duilio Pizzocchi
  • Image Elio Germano
    Elio Germano
  • Image Gianni Fantoni
    Gianni Fantoni
  • Image Oliver Ewy
    Oliver Ewy
  • Image Orietta Notari
    Orietta Notari
  • Image Paola Lavini
    Paola Lavini
  • Image Pietro Traldi
    Pietro Traldi
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