Image High Society

High Society


Kerem is a young and hardworking man who comes from a poor family. His father works as a gardener and his mother works as a cook for a rich family. Cansu is the youngest daughter of a wealthy family from high society. Despite her wealth, she is not happy at all. One day, she accidentally meets a fortune teller who says that Cansu would find a true love if she reads the signs. Out of pure coincidence, Cansu finds herself at Olivia and starts to work there as a sales person. Olivia becomes a complicated place: Kerem thinks that Cansu is a poor girl and starts to have feelings for her. Cansu thinks that Kerem is a decent man even though he cmes forom a high society and starts to have feeling for him.

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  • Image Aliye Uzunatağan
    Aliye Uzunatağan
  • Image Ceyda Tepeliler
    Ceyda Tepeliler
  • Image Engin Ozturk
    Engin Ozturk
  • Image Hakkı Ergok
    Hakkı Ergok
  • Image Hatice Şendil
    Hatice Şendil
  • Image Hazar Erguclu
    Hazar Erguclu
  • Image Hülya Gülşen Irmak
    Hülya Gülşen Irmak
  • Image Mehmet Yücel Özkal
    Mehmet Yücel Özkal
  • Image Meriç Aral
    Meriç Aral
  • Image Ozan Dolunay
    Ozan Dolunay
  • Image Özgün Çoban
    Özgün Çoban
  • Image Taner Barlas
    Taner Barlas
  • Image Zuhal Olcay
    Zuhal Olcay
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