Hold the Dark

2h 6m

In the grim Alaskan winter, a naturalist hunts for wolves blamed for killing a local boy, but he soon finds himself swept into a chilling mystery.


  • Image Alexander Skarsgård
    Alexander Skarsgård
  • Image Amanda Burke
    Amanda Burke
  • Image Anabel Kutay
    Anabel Kutay
  • Image Barb Mitchell
    Barb Mitchell
  • Image Beckam Crawford
    Beckam Crawford
  • Image Bobbi Jaye
    Bobbi Jaye
  • Image Brian Martell
    Brian Martell
  • Image Clarence Hoof
    Clarence Hoof
  • Image Conor Boru
    Conor Boru
  • Image Emmanuel Imani
    Emmanuel Imani
  • Image Eric Keenleyside
    Eric Keenleyside
  • Image Gabriel Cross
    Gabriel Cross
  • Image Issac Bird
    Issac Bird
  • Image James Badge Dale
    James Badge Dale
  • Image Jeffrey Wright
    Jeffrey Wright
  • Image Jonathan Whitesell
    Jonathan Whitesell
  • Image Joseph Whitebird
    Joseph Whitebird
  • Image Julian Black Antelope
    Julian Black Antelope
  • Image Karen Powderface
    Karen Powderface
  • Image Lonni Olson
    Lonni Olson
  • Image Lorette Clow
    Lorette Clow
  • Image Macon Blair
    Macon Blair
  • Image Makambe Simamba
    Makambe Simamba
  • Image Mark Beswick
    Mark Beswick
  • Image Maureen Thomas
    Maureen Thomas
  • Image Michael Tayles
    Michael Tayles
  • Image Nicholas Asbury
    Nicholas Asbury
  • Image Peter McRobbie
    Peter McRobbie
  • Image Riley Keough
    Riley Keough
  • Image Ryan Irving
    Ryan Irving
  • Image Savannah Bird
    Savannah Bird
  • Image Savonna Spracklin
    Savonna Spracklin
  • Image Sean Hoy
    Sean Hoy
  • Image Tantoo Cardinal
    Tantoo Cardinal
  • Image Vanessa Holmes
    Vanessa Holmes
  • Image Zandus Snow
    Zandus Snow
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