Hostel: Part II

1h 33m

Following a geographical tour of Slovakia, three young American women are lured into a hostel by a handsome young man who sells them to the twisted masters, ties them up and brings upon them an unthinkable world of pain.


  • Image Bijou Phillips
    Bijou Phillips
  • Image Davide Dominici
    Davide Dominici
  • Image Edwige Fenech
    Edwige Fenech
  • Image Heather Matarazzo
    Heather Matarazzo
  • Image Jay Hernandez
    Jay Hernandez
  • Image Jordan Ladd
    Jordan Ladd
  • Image Lauren German
    Lauren German
  • Image Liliya Malkina
    Liliya Malkina
  • Image Luc Merenda
    Luc Merenda
  • Image Mark Taylor
    Mark Taylor
  • Image Milan Kňažko
    Milan Kňažko
  • Image Monika Maláčová
    Monika Maláčová
  • Image Petr Vančura
    Petr Vančura
  • Image Richard Burgi
    Richard Burgi
  • Image Roger Bart
    Roger Bart
  • Image Roman Janecka
    Roman Janecka
  • Image Ruggero Deodato
    Ruggero Deodato
  • Image Stanislav Yanevski
    Stanislav Yanevski
  • Image Susanna Bequer
    Susanna Bequer
  • Image Vera Jordanova
    Vera Jordanova
  • Image Zuzana Geislerová
    Zuzana Geislerová
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