Hostel: Part III

1h 28m
  • Hostel: Part III
  • 27-12-2011
  • Horror
  • Scott Spiegel
  • 0 votes

Set in Las Vegas, the film centers on a man who attends his best friend's bachelor party, unaware of an insidious agenda that plays into hunting humans.


  • Image Aaron Helferich
    Aaron Helferich
  • Image Aine Leicht
    Aine Leicht
  • Image Alicia Vela-Bailey
    Alicia Vela-Bailey
  • Image Amanda Wright
    Amanda Wright
  • Image Angelique Sky
    Angelique Sky
  • Image Ari Rufino
    Ari Rufino
  • Image Barry Livingston
    Barry Livingston
  • Image Bill Lumbert
    Bill Lumbert
  • Image Brian Hallisay
    Brian Hallisay
  • Image Cassie Keller
    Cassie Keller
  • Image Chris Coy
    Chris Coy
  • Image Danny Jacobs
    Danny Jacobs
  • Image Derrick Carr
    Derrick Carr
  • Image Don Richard
    Don Richard
  • Image Evelina Turen
    Evelina Turen
  • Image Frank Alvarez
    Frank Alvarez
  • Image Gordon Michaels
    Gordon Michaels
  • Image James Feaheny
    James Feaheny
  • Image Jeanette Manderachia
    Jeanette Manderachia
  • Image Jeremy Matson
    Jeremy Matson
  • Image Joe Virzi
    Joe Virzi
  • Image John Hensley
    John Hensley
  • Image Jon Manthei
    Jon Manthei
  • Image Joseph Smith
    Joseph Smith
  • Image Kelly Thiebaud
    Kelly Thiebaud
  • Image Kip Pardue
    Kip Pardue
  • Image Michael Bugard
    Michael Bugard
  • Image Michael Felsher
    Michael Felsher
  • Image Michael Knight
    Michael Knight
  • Image Mike Eshaq
    Mike Eshaq
  • Image Nesti Gee
    Nesti Gee
  • Image Nickola Shreli
    Nickola Shreli
  • Image Rachel Adams
    Rachel Adams
  • Image Rich Ronat
    Rich Ronat
  • Image Ron Causey
    Ron Causey
  • Image Ron Heisler
    Ron Heisler
  • Image Sam Brice
    Sam Brice
  • Image Sarah Habel
    Sarah Habel
  • Image Skyler Stone
    Skyler Stone
  • Image Steven Schoolmeesters
    Steven Schoolmeesters
  • Image Thomas Kretschmann
    Thomas Kretschmann
  • Image Tiffani Elise Edwards
    Tiffani Elise Edwards
  • Image Tim Holmes
    Tim Holmes
  • Image Wendy Aaron
    Wendy Aaron
  • Image Yukita Kusunoki
    Yukita Kusunoki
  • Image Zoe Aggeliki
    Zoe Aggeliki
  • Image Zulay Henao
    Zulay Henao
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