How It Ends

1h 53m

A desperate father tries to return home to his pregnant wife after a mysterious apocalyptic event turns everything to chaos.


  • Image Aaron Hughes
    Aaron Hughes
  • Image Aidan Ritchie
    Aidan Ritchie
  • Image Anett Rumanoczky
    Anett Rumanoczky
  • Image Charis Ann Wiens
    Charis Ann Wiens
  • Image Cheryl Gensiorek
    Cheryl Gensiorek
  • Image Connor Peterson
    Connor Peterson
  • Image Cory Chetyrbok
    Cory Chetyrbok
  • Image David Lewis
    David Lewis
  • Image Forest Whitaker
    Forest Whitaker
  • Image Grace Dove
    Grace Dove
  • Image Haig Sutherland
    Haig Sutherland
  • Image Josh Cruddas
    Josh Cruddas
  • Image Kat Graham
    Kat Graham
  • Image Kerry Bishé
    Kerry Bishé
  • Image Lanie McAuley
    Lanie McAuley
  • Image Mark O'Brien
    Mark O'Brien
  • Image Nancy Sorel
    Nancy Sorel
  • Image Nicole Ari Parker
    Nicole Ari Parker
  • Image Rick Skene
    Rick Skene
  • Image Theo James
    Theo James
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