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Image I am Luna

I am Luna


Although it is difficult for Luna to live in another country, she is determined to try everything to make new friends and achieve a new style of skating.

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  • Image Agustín Bernasconi
    Agustín Bernasconi
  • Image Ana Carolina Valsagna
    Ana Carolina Valsagna
  • Image Ana Jara Martínez
    Ana Jara Martínez
  • Image Carolina Ibarra
    Carolina Ibarra
  • Image Carolina Kopelioff
    Carolina Kopelioff
  • Image Chiara Parravicini
    Chiara Parravicini
  • Image David Murí
    David Murí
  • Image Estela Ribeiro
    Estela Ribeiro
  • Image Ezequiel Rodríguez
    Ezequiel Rodríguez
  • Image Gastón Vietto
    Gastón Vietto
  • Image Giovanna Reynaud
    Giovanna Reynaud
  • Image Joaquín Berthold
    Joaquín Berthold
  • Image Jorge López
    Jorge López
  • Image José Andrés Chiluiza Calderón
    José Andrés Chiluiza Calderón
  • Image Karol Sevilla
    Karol Sevilla
  • Image Katja Martínez
    Katja Martínez
  • Image Lionel Ferro
    Lionel Ferro
  • Image Lucila Gandolfo
    Lucila Gandolfo
  • Image Malena Ratner
    Malena Ratner
  • Image Michael Ronda
    Michael Ronda
  • Image Pasquale Di Nuzzo
    Pasquale Di Nuzzo
  • Image Roberto Carnaghi
    Roberto Carnaghi
  • Image Rodrigo Pedreira
    Rodrigo Pedreira
  • Image Ruggero Pasquarelli
    Ruggero Pasquarelli
  • Image Valentina Zenere
    Valentina Zenere
  • Image Victoria Suárez Battán
    Victoria Suárez Battán
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