I Can Quit Whenever I Want 2: Masterclass

2h 0m

Pietro Zinni is asked by the police to revive the old gang to create a task force that will stop the spread of smart drugs.


  • Image Alessandro Bernardini
    Alessandro Bernardini
  • Image Claudio Corinaldesi
    Claudio Corinaldesi
  • Image Davide Gagliardi
    Davide Gagliardi
  • Image Edoardo Leo
    Edoardo Leo
  • Image Emanuel Bevilacqua
    Emanuel Bevilacqua
  • Image Fabio Rizzuto
    Fabio Rizzuto
  • Image Francesco Acquaroli
    Francesco Acquaroli
  • Image Giampaolo Morelli
    Giampaolo Morelli
  • Image Giulio Maroncelli
    Giulio Maroncelli
  • Image Giusy Buscemi
    Giusy Buscemi
  • Image Greta Scarano
    Greta Scarano
  • Image Libero De Rienzo
    Libero De Rienzo
  • Image Lorenzo Lavia
    Lorenzo Lavia
  • Image Luigi Lo Cascio
    Luigi Lo Cascio
  • Image Marco Belocchi
    Marco Belocchi
  • Image Marco Bonini
    Marco Bonini
  • Image Marco Pancrazi
    Marco Pancrazi
  • Image Neri Marcorè
    Neri Marcorè
  • Image Paolo Calabresi
    Paolo Calabresi
  • Image Paolo Fosso
    Paolo Fosso
  • Image Pietro Sermonti
    Pietro Sermonti
  • Image Raniero Monaco Di Lapio
    Raniero Monaco Di Lapio
  • Image Rocco Loschiavo
    Rocco Loschiavo
  • Image Rosario Lisma
    Rosario Lisma
  • Image Stefano Fresi
    Stefano Fresi
  • Image Valeria Solarino
    Valeria Solarino
  • Image Valerio Aprea
    Valerio Aprea
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