I Need You Dead!

1h 47m

A young punk named DOOD manifests his most self-deprecating thoughts in the form of a furry, devil-tongued flesh ball, then must discover how to get rid of the creature before it convinces him to get rid of himself.


  • Image Ada Hurtado
    Ada Hurtado
  • Image Ben Johnson
    Ben Johnson
  • Image Carson Brom
    Carson Brom
  • Image Dan Fitz
    Dan Fitz
  • Image Daniel Mortemore
    Daniel Mortemore
  • Image Danielle Neblock
    Danielle Neblock
  • Image Derek Slade Tucker
    Derek Slade Tucker
  • Image Estevan Muñoz
    Estevan Muñoz
  • Image Evelyn Gail
    Evelyn Gail
  • Image Forrest Kiger
    Forrest Kiger
  • Image Hunter O'Harrow
    Hunter O'Harrow
  • Image Jason Reynolds
    Jason Reynolds
  • Image Keiran Ichiban
    Keiran Ichiban
  • Image Kevin Thomas Klearman
    Kevin Thomas Klearman
  • Image Lance Caver
    Lance Caver
  • Image Lloyd Kaufman
    Lloyd Kaufman
  • Image Mayou Roffe
    Mayou Roffe
  • Image Michael Morrison
    Michael Morrison
  • Image Mindy Dougherty
    Mindy Dougherty
  • Image Montetré
  • Image Neil McCalmont
    Neil McCalmont
  • Image Rodney Mullet
    Rodney Mullet
  • Image Sean Abplanalp
    Sean Abplanalp
  • Image Ty Anderson
    Ty Anderson
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