Idle Hands

1h 32m

Anton is a cheerful but exceedingly non-ambitious 17-year-old stoner who lives to stay buzzed, watch TV, and moon over Molly, the beautiful girl who lives next door. However, it turns out that the old cliché about idle hands being the devil's playground has a kernel of truth after all.


  • Image Carl Gabriel Yorke
    Carl Gabriel Yorke
  • Image Christopher Hart
    Christopher Hart
  • Image Connie Ray
    Connie Ray
  • Image Devon Sawa
    Devon Sawa
  • Image Dexter Holland
    Dexter Holland
  • Image Donna W. Scott
    Donna W. Scott
  • Image Elden Henson
    Elden Henson
  • Image Fred Willard
    Fred Willard
  • Image Jack Noseworthy
    Jack Noseworthy
  • Image Jessica Alba
    Jessica Alba
  • Image Joey Slotnick
    Joey Slotnick
  • Image Katie Wright
    Katie Wright
  • Image Kelly Monaco
    Kelly Monaco
  • Image Kyle Gass
    Kyle Gass
  • Image Mindy Sterling
    Mindy Sterling
  • Image Molly Maslin
    Molly Maslin
  • Image Nicholas Sadler
    Nicholas Sadler
  • Image Randy Oglesby
    Randy Oglesby
  • Image Sabrina Lu
    Sabrina Lu
  • Image Sean Whalen
    Sean Whalen
  • Image Seth Green
    Seth Green
  • Image Steve Van Wormer
    Steve Van Wormer
  • Image Timothy Stack
    Timothy Stack
  • Image Tom DeLonge
    Tom DeLonge
  • Image Vivica A. Fox
    Vivica A. Fox
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