Il delitto Mattarella

1h 37m

January 6, 1980. The President of the Sicilian Region Piersanti Mattarella is going to Mass with his family. A young man approaches the car window and shoots Piersanti in cold blood and kills him. Despite the confusion of the moment with a series of misdirections towards left-wing terrorism, the crime appeared anomalous in its modalities. The young Deputy Prosecutor on duty, that day of the Epiphany, will be Pietro Grasso, future Anti-Mafia Prosecutor and President of the Senate. The investigations will be continued by the Instructor Judge Giovanni Falcone, who will uncover dangerous relationships between the Mafia, Politics, Nar and neo-fascists, the Magliana gang, Gladio and Secret Services.


  • Image Andrea Tidona
    Andrea Tidona
  • Image Angelo Tosto
    Angelo Tosto
  • Image Antonio Alveario
    Antonio Alveario
  • Image Claudio Castrogiovanni
    Claudio Castrogiovanni
  • Image Claudio Umberto Cantone
    Claudio Umberto Cantone
  • Image David Coco
    David Coco
  • Image Domenico Ciaramitaro
    Domenico Ciaramitaro
  • Image Donatella Finocchiaro
    Donatella Finocchiaro
  • Image Fabio Costanzo
    Fabio Costanzo
  • Image Francesco Di Leva
    Francesco Di Leva
  • Image Francesco La Mantia
    Francesco La Mantia
  • Image Guja Jelo
    Guja Jelo
  • Image Ivan Giambirtone
    Ivan Giambirtone
  • Image Leo Gullotta
    Leo Gullotta
  • Image Lollo Franco
    Lollo Franco
  • Image Nicasio Catanese
    Nicasio Catanese
  • Image Sergio Friscia
    Sergio Friscia
  • Image Tony Sperandeo
    Tony Sperandeo
  • Image Tuccio Musumeci
    Tuccio Musumeci
  • Image Vincenzo Crivello
    Vincenzo Crivello
  • Image Vittorio Magazz├╣
    Vittorio Magazz├╣
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